Give A Boy A Gun by Todd Strasser

give This book right here completely and I mean completely changed the way I looked, talked, and interacted with everybody and anybody I met. It made me want to hold the door for every person behind me and say sorry after I did something wrong. If you have ever been mean, harassed, or gone out of your way to hurt somebody, I think this book should be on your to do list this week to sit down and read because it will place you into somebody else’s shoes who is hurting and even though what the kids in the book did wasn’t exactly the best idea, it did it’s job which was to get the reader’s and the bully’s attention about what happens when you bully people. This book really taught me that there really is more to the surface of a person and I’m not even gonna review the book because there simply is nothing to say, but TREAT EVERYBODY LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Simple.

May Your Book Heart Be Fulfilled,



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