Normal By: Danielle Pearl

Before I even start I just wanna go ahead and rate the book

Rate: 6/10


I’m giving this book a 70 basically because it was really annoying to me. The book is about how a girl named Rory is being raped over and over again by a boy who is a hit in their town, but the thing is she tells nobody about it even her best friend until it is too late. In the beginning I was like this might actually be a good book you know and then she started do things that I was like even at that age I would of had a better sense of judgement that she did. The only people I can say that I enjoyed in this book would have to be Cam and Carl , but the rest of them were either disgusting ( Robin and Rory’s Dad), Annoying (Robin’s Dad), or just Stupid (Rory). I call her stupid because sometimes she brought some things on to herself like in one part of the book she gets cornered in the corner of an alley and Robin gets her and instead of running she “froze up”. So it was parts like that that I really could have reached through the book and slapped her. But at some parts I saw where how the book got so many good reviews on the internet. Just go read the book and you’ll see what I saw in the book.

May Your Book Heart Be Fulfilled,



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